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Who Are You?

We are a locally owned and operated family run business based in Mississauga, Ontario.   We are not your typical moving, storage or junk removal company.  We are a unique “One Stop ” solution for home owners and businesses.   We created Space Makers to help our clients run their lives and businesses with less stress and more comfort through less clutter.

We are “The simple solution to your Home’s (or businesses) evolution”

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What Services Do You Offer?

Moving and Storage Services

Our business is an all-encompassing Space creation business for residential and commercial clients.

We offer the following:

  • Local moving – we pad, wrap and protect your belongings like they were our own.
  • Storage – we will remove and store items you do not need right now but may need in the future.
  • Junk – we will remove items you no longer need.
  • Donation or Auction – we will remove items you no longer need but do not want to see go to waste.
  • In home moving – for staging or simply rearranging, let us do the heavy lifting for you
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What Do You Believe?

  • We believe that no two client situations are the same.
  • We believe that clients desire a “one stop” solution for their space making needs rather than dealing with numerous different service -providers.
  • We believe that by properly analyzing the needs of our clients through client friendly conversation we will accurately understand their specific objectives.
  • We believe that our clients deserve customized solutions with transparent quotes based on their specific objectives.
  • We believe that by delivering quality and on-going training for all of our employees we will be an employer of choice for professional and personable employees.
  • We believe that by having well-trained, professional and personable employees deliver a customized solution based on our understanding of our client’s objectives, we will be the “gold standard” for residential and commercial moving and storage.

Who do you work with?

Our clients are just like you. We work with residential home-owners and renters to assist them with space-creation within their homes and with their local moves. We also work with Business clients helping them with their moving and storage requirements.

What makes you different?

Our company

  • Unique, not your average moving, storage or junk removal company.
  •  Local
  • We are the simple solution to your home or business’s evolution.

Our Solutions

  • Unique – tailored to your needs.
  • Diverse, one stop company to reduce stress, save you time and money.
  •  Consistent, reliable, we follow our processes in every step.

Our People

  • Well trained, professional and personable.
  • Family run.
  • Integrity, we were founded based on our core business beliefs including transparency and honesty.

Why Should I do Business With You?

  • The processes we follow ensure you will receive a consistent result designed to exceed your expectations, reduce your stress levels and deliver you a happy comfortable experience.
  • Through our services we provide you tailor made solutions based on your needs not out of the box offered to everyone.
  • We are local and family run, readily available to help you.
  • Our people are trained in a way that ensures you feel secure knowing your belongings are treated like they are our own.


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We Serve the  GTA

GTA & Surrounding Areas

We service the Greater Toronto Area including, Mississauga,  Brampton, Burlington, Oakville, Vaughan, and Surrounding area.